Two athletes, Male wearing a blue t-shirt with B Corporation logo on it and Female wearing a red singlet with a B Corporation logo.

Growing a sustainable business – why B Corp matters

by Graham Ross January 31, 2017

“B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee” 

B Corporation is recognised as the highest standard for social corporate responsibility. B Corps are a new type of corporation that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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Ultra runner and Kusaga Athletic athlete wearing the EDODRY® racerback with three other runners during the Two Bays Trail Run, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Ultra runner Phill Dernee puts the ECODRY® Run Racerback to the test

by Graham Ross January 25, 2017

Recently I got my hands on a Kusaga Athletic singlet and I thought what better way to test it out than during the 56km Two Bays Trail Run, on the Mornington Peninsula.

I'm so glad I did, the singlet was and is incredibly comfortable, as much or more so than any other shirt/singlet I've worn whilst out running.

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Female runner running across dunes in the desert

What would change if athletes ran the world?

by Graham Ross December 10, 2016

What if athletes ran the world?

Your job would be valued by how many chances you took and opportunities you seized rather than the amount of money you made. Determination, enthusiasm, and a willingness to do the unexpected would shape our society.

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Mass of runners in blue shirts

How green is your event?

by Graham Ross December 02, 2016

The other day as I ran my regular loop across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I noticed the guy in front of me wearing a marathon tee from a well known global finance company.  

It proudly shouted 265,000 runners, 13 cities, 2014 (or similar, I didn’t have my phone with me to take a pic). I wonder if that company really thought through the impact those event shirts might have. Are they well made from a quality, sustainable fabric?

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Naked baby asleep in a white hanging blanket

Who’s feeling lost in the whole climate change debate?

by Graham Ross November 11, 2015

Climate change is a massive problem that needs smart solutions and it needs them now. It’s a complex enough problem for the experts & influencers, so what can we as mere mortals do that could possibly make a difference?

Well we asked ourselves that question two years ago.

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Kusaga Athletic founders Graham Ross and Matthew Ashcroft interviewed at the 220 Triathlon trade show

Meet our Fabrics

by Graham Ross October 01, 2015

Ask any parent, child, partner or friend of a start up founder and they’ll all tell you straight - start-ups are not for the faint-hearted. 

Our start-up, Kusaga Athletic has developed four planet-friendly fabrics and those four little guys are my babies. I get about the same amount of sleep as I did with small children, worry as much, think of them and talk about them as much.

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The Greenest Tee - Women size chart