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What would change if athletes ran the world?

December 10, 2016

What if athletes ran the world?

Your job would be valued by how many chances you took and opportunities you seized rather than the amount of money you made. Determination, enthusiasm, and a willingness to do the unexpected would shape our society. Physical education would be as important as learning maths or science. The mountains, beaches, and forests would be our partners, not just resources.

If athletes ran the world competition would mean more than just winning, it would be all about the bumps in the road and the moments of joy that it took to get there. Athletes discover their limits and then see how much further they can go. Athletes have one mission - be better.

What if athletes ran the world? You would have a team. A team that included family, friends, and the natural world because you need all of those things to succeed. If athletes ran the world then the world would be a team. Every athlete has a time when they think they can’t go any further, when the wall hits and the body gives out. When the mind kicks in. What if every country, every state were made of people who hit their breaking point and kept going? That lost, but continued to work for that win.

What if athletes ran the world? What if we lived with the Earth instead of on it? What if the runners, surfers, paragliders, wakeboarders, skiers, bikers... athletes stood up and said enough is enough?


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