Future Fabrics

ECOLITE® is our environmental warrior – Natural, Sustainable and 100% planet friendly.

The story of this revolutionary fabric blend begins with renewable plant materials, grown with minimal intervention before undergoing a manufacturing process that ensures the least impact to the environment. The end product is a high performance material that has the versatility of cotton with the technical capabilities of polyester.

Created for yoga, run, gym, outdoors, everyday.

ECODRY® is race focussed and nature’s companion.

Maximising athletic performance and minimising impact on the environment is a the heart of the development of this fabric, For the planet , ECODRY™ is made to leave no trace, it’s biodegradable and recyclable. For the athlete, this is a high-stretch, breathable and hard wearing material. This fabric provides the performance you expect with reduced impact to the planet.

Created for run, gym, yoga, outdoors.


ECOSOFT® is the environmental trailblazer, renewable and progressive.

Nature and technology unite to produce a high performance textile that is ideal for everyday use and importantly, better for the planet. This unique fabric takes the best features of traditional materials to the next level, delivering outstanding softness, excellent stretch and optimum moisture management.

Created for everyday, travel, outdoors.

ECOMESH® is true to nature and performance.

Industry leading technology combined with annually renewable resources has created a lightweight performance materials with excellent moisture transfer. The construction delivers superior ventilation and elasticity, ensuring the freedom of movement when you need it most. This naturally versatile fabric has a soft hand feel with zero odour retention and holds it's shape after prolonged use.

Created for run, outdoors, everyday.


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