If not us then who?

Kusaga Athletic is a forward thinking, innovative, and constantly evolving brand that cares deeply about making a positive impact on the environment. We represent the game changers, adventurers, and risk takers. The people that constantly question the ‘norm’ and seek to make our planet a better place in which to exist.

Kusaga Athletic is a leader in sustainable apparel and in business, part of a new wave of companies that believe profit for purpose through collaboration, communication and innovation. 

Our future fabrics enable environmentally conscious people to directly impact climate change. We are not only the designers, the sales team, and the marketers, but the fibre gathers, the cut & sew team, and the waste disposal team. Unlike any other brand in the world we have invented a fabric from the ground, made it into a garment and follow it all the way back into the Earth. It is a true cradle to cradle system.

Climate change is not a new concept but its reality is upon us. The textile industry is the second largest contributor to global warming, behind the oil industry.

Like most people, we didn’t know that it can take 3000 litres of water to make just one cotton t-shirt and that remarkably, there are over 2 billion t-shirts sold each year. And it’s not just about t-shirts … think about this: every person on the planet will touch a textile today.


We want to disrupt the way apparel is produced in Australia, and across the globe. The vision for shared value goes beyond the apparel produced - it is about creating catalytic change for environmentally sustainable clothing production.

Our fabrics and clothing live at the intersection of sports and sustainability, with products positioned to take a share of the existing sportswear and activewear markets. The bigger potential comes in being pioneers of the next wave of future textiles.

Kusaga Athletic is the brand that will change the clothing industry and we hope the world – one fabric at a time.


Our target market is all active people who care about protecting the environment. In 2016, our successful Kickstarter campaign for The Greenest Tee on the Planet proved there is a global appetite for Kusaga’s proposition.

We hear wonderful feedback from our supporters all over the world:

“Took the new shirt out for a spin, handled extremely well on a few hours jaunt. This is the 'greenest tee on earth', the only greener option is going bare chested through the streets.”

“Super excited to get my greenest tees @KusagaAthletic great job feel & fit”


Kusaga Athletic has strong partnerships with leading corporations and companies –

Earth Hour“With the message on sustainability woven into the fabric, the Earth Hour 2015 t-shirts will go a long way in helping to spread our message.”

Evergreen Endurance: “We are thrilled to work with Kusaga Athletic and their sustainable plant-based shirts, it's a perfect fit with the Evergreen Endurance mission.”


The Greenest Tee - Women size chart