Our Story

Life-changing moments often come out of blue and in the most unexpected locations. For Kusaga Athletic co-founders Matt Ashcroft and Graham Ross, two Australian television executives living in Singapore, the original concept for the company can be traced back to 2010 and the world's most iconic structure - the Great Wall of China, when they ran the Great Wall Marathon together.

If you want to form a bond with someone, 5000 ancient steps and 42 sweltering kilometres is a pretty good place to start. That experience changed both of them. It set in motion a series of events that had them questioning their own personal direction and also the future of the planet. 

The company’s values stem from the desire to find simple ways to help mitigate climate change. As athletes who use the world as their outdoor gym, the co-founders went back to basics. They discovered it takes more than 3000 litres of water to produce a standard cotton t-shirt and decided there had to be a better way.

Kusaga Athletic is a pioneer in this space developing plant-based material for use in the manufacturing of clothing – specifically high performance sports apparel for people who have one eye on the environment and one eye on the road ahead.

Their unique plant-based fabrics have remarkable breathability and durability, and use a fraction of the water of cotton and polyester.

Kusaga Athletic’s approach is nature-first combined with a focus on design to deliver sports and active wear that is simply better.

Clothing that lets people know you love the world you live in, and want to help save it.

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