The Greenest T-shirt on the Planet

Creating the Greenest Tee was the realisation of a dream for the team at Kusaga. We had been heads down for almost two years researching, developing and testing a range of plant-based fibres to manufacture new fabrics. Fabrics that are better for the environment and we believed would revolutionise the clothing industry.

In 2015 we knew it was time to take our prototypes to market. With the help of an incredible group of supporters, we launched a Kickstarter campaign and in matter of weeks had raised enough funding to commence our very first production run.

We decided to use our ECOLITE® fabric, a unique blend of natural fibres that is biodegradable, compostable and sustainable. In other words, 100% planet friendly. There's a reason why we call this fabric our environmental warrior!

Like most people, we didn't know that it takes 3000 litres of water to make a regular cotton t-shirt. That’s a lot of water - the equivalent of around eighty full bathtubs. When you consider more than TWO BILLION t-shirts are sold each year, we immediately saw an opportunity to make a difference.  


The story of the Greenest T-shirt on the Planet 

We know people care about the environment, and that if given a choice between planet-friendly and planet-unfriendly, they'll make the right choice.

So, we set about creating a t-shirt that uses less than 1% of the water needed for a cotton tee. We combined nature and technology to create the greenest t-shirt on the planet.     

The Greenest Tee is soft like cotton and cool like linen. It’s highly breathable, stretchy and sits on your body without sagging. It’s low maintenance and odour free, so all you have to do is wear it! 

Buoyed by the incredible feedback around our Kickstarter campaign, we got straight into production, but within a matter of weeks hit our first reality check. The manufacturer we'd been working with from the start advised us they could no longer deliver to our schedule. We had to find a new factory to cut and sew, and move all our fabrics across. An unexpected delay and expense. 

We quickly sorted the issue and after a few trips back and forth, we were back on track. 

Since delivering the Greenest Tee to our #1 community of supporters, we have seen pictures of people wearing the t-shirts all over the world - trekking in Bhutan, horse-riding in Denmark, cycling in France, trail-running in Australia and running in Singapore. It has absolutely blown us away.

It won't be easy to turn around an entire industry, especially one the size of the global clothing industry, but we believe the time has come to rethink the way all products are produced and how they affect the planet. And we know there are millions of people who want to do their part to make a difference. If you're planning on buying a new t-shirt this year, go ahead and buy the Greenest Tee. 

We want to help SAVE THE PLANET ... are you with us?

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