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Ultra runner Phill Dernee puts the ECODRY® Run Racerback to the test

January 25, 2017

We're always keen to hear honest feedback on how our garments perform - which is why we spend so much time testing in the real world, with real athletes. Here's what ultra trail runner Phill Dernee had to say:

"Recently I got my hands on a Kusaga Athletic singlet and I thought what better way to test it out than during the 56km Two Bays Trail Run, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Conventional wisdom in running says never try something for the first time on race day, in ultras this 'rule' is thought to be doubly relevant, (conventional wisdom also states that working 9 hours the day before an ultra, then driving 11 hours to the race start and getting only an hour or two of stunted sleep curled up in the backseat of a rental car is also a no-no, but that's a story for another day).

However I had no qualms, knowing what the eco-polyester was made from, the hard work put into its fit and shape and 'feel' with active people in mind. I'm so glad I did, the singlet was and is incredibly comfortable, as much or more so than any other shirt/singlet I've worn whilst out running.

After a few wears the Kusaga singlet has quickly become my choice for the toughest, longest runs - the top that I keep for the times I know I'll want to be comfortable and confident in my clothes choices. It doesn't seem to rub me the wrong way, ride up or down my body while running with backpacks, it has a great feel whilst running.

To provide that extra cherry on top it's helping to contribute in shifting fashion and the textile industry away from the current cycle of negative environmental impact - hopefully ensuring that the beautiful trails I'm so lucky to run on today are still here and as untouched tomorrow and into the future."

Phill Durnee runs in a Kusaga Athletic run racerback

Phill Dernee, Ultra runner.

Instagram: @phill.dernee


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