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by Graham Ross December 12, 2017

Reading the terrific blog from Trek and Run Boss, Dave Wise, (go here if you haven’t seen it yet) got us thinking, and after a quick straw poll around the office, we came up with a list of great vegan athlete blogs that the team at Kusaga regularly visits.



Ok, so the Rich Roll Podcast is more than a blog, it’s really a podcast but we are big fans of the man. And it’s not totally because he wears our very own Greenest Tee. (see pic)

Rich has been driving a plant based lifestyle for some time, he is a bit of a poster boy for the curious athlete who is looking for some direction towards a vegan lifestyle. Named as one of the world’s 25 fittest men by Men's Fitness magazine, Rich was once a man lost in the excesses of middle age. Self discovery and the Big Island of Hawaii played a massive part towards his current lifestyle, Rich is a two time finisher of the Ultraman world championships and the first ever - Epic 5 challenge.

Rich shared these experiences in his book - Finding Ultra.

                                                                                                              credit: Chris Guillebeau



The No Meat Athlete aka Matt Frazier has been ‘meat free’ for almost 10 years, launching his blog at the same time he changed his lifestyle. The blog has gone onto to power several best selling books and more than a quarter of a million people follow his advice and knowledge.

The website is a treasure trove of resources and experience like the Newcomers guide page with recipes, race reviews and sprinkle of motivation.

Don’t let the 80s style user experience scare you off, (what is with the brown backgrounds?), the No Meat Athlete community has run groups that you can join up with across the world. 


                                                                                                               credit: no meat athlete 


Jayne and Bibi Rodgers are the Veggie Runners. The mother and daughter duo from the United Kingdom have created a health blog for vegans and runners alike. Jayne was the catalyst for the Veggie Runners blog, when she couldn’t find information on training with a veggie diet.

Bibi has pushed the vegan blog further, documenting her running experience while pregnant. You will find plenty of information on training and races plus a wide selection of recipes to try. Our favourite - Chocolate Orange Popcorn Energy Bars - seriously!


                                                                                                                 credit: veggie runners


Once a professional triathlete, Brendan Brazier now heads up a multi-media empire that includes a leading website and blog, best selling books, magazine and podcast. He adds to these with a range of nutrition and training products and industry partnerships.  

What makes Brendan different, it’s the way he has evolved his health and fitness ethos through holistic training methods combined with plant based nutrition. There has been plenty of self experimenting too.

If you are like us, the natural philosophy page will provide you more than a few hours of thought and pondering. We will admit to having to read a few lines again and again to understand it all.


                                                                                                               credit: Brendan Brazier


It’s time to push aside the skinny runner types and introduce Robert Cheeke who has been at the forefront of living a vegan lifestyle in a sport better known for huge amounts of animal based protein.

This champion bodybuilder continues to redefine and optimise his diet and training, sharing his experiences via his vegan blog. And it’s detailed, from what he eats, weighs and lifts and including at what time he eats, what he weighs and pec dec flys he pushes out per set. Oh and there is more, he even documents how much water he drinks during each workout!

Don’t hold the oversharing against him, all this information gives the reader an insight into what it takes to be at the top of your game for more than 20 years, plus there is plenty for all of us to take away from his training regime.


                                                                                                                 credit: Robert Cheeke

Now it’s your turn. Let us know your favourite vegan blogs via Twitter or Facebook so we can make sure that everybody in our community can see them. When you post to Twitter or Facebook use the hashtag: #kusagaveganblog


Don't forget to check out Vegan Athlete, Dave Wise's journey.

Checkout our PETA vegan certification


Graham Ross
Graham Ross


Graham Ross is CEO of Kusaga Athletic and growth advisor to planet friendly companies. Graham is a multiple Ironman-distance triathlete and marathoner with a passion for riding up the biggest mountains he can find.

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