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The power of your purchase

by Graham Ross November 10, 2017

We have been looking for a social impact partner for sometime and it isn’t a surprise we found the perfect partner - i=change within the BCorporation ranks.

Social responsibility is one of the core values at Kusaga Athletic.

We are re-imagining the textile industry, creating products that help you perform better, made with minimal impact on the planet through an entirely ethical supply chain.

But for us, it’s not just about making awesome shirts, Kusaga Athletic is about making a difference. We believe that businesses should be a force for good, that business must create value for society, not just shareholders.

Our social entrepreneurship began with our B Corporation certification 12 months ago. Recently, we were rewarded for our environmental stewardship, receiving a BCorp Best for the world 2017 award, alongside environmental leaders Patagonia.

The missing piece to our social platform is integrating philanthropy into our everyday business activities, we wanted to support and engage with social impact organisations in a more meaningful way, sharing their achievements and success with our community. The outcome is unlocking the power of your purchase. 

And that is where i=change comes in.

i=change gives you, the customer, the option to pledge $1 to a charity, from there, Kusaga Athletic will make that $1 payment on your behalf.

It works like this; at the end of your purchase, you will be given a selection of charities from which to choose one charity, we will then donate $1 on your behalf. You pick, we pay.

The platform shows real-time contribution updates for each charity and across the entire community. Plus, everyone can get more involved with their chosen charity if they wish.

We are excited to be working with i=change to deliver significant help to those in need.


"Business should create value for society. We are proud that our customers are part of the change that the world needs."  Co-founder - Graham Ross


Our three charity partners are;

Project Futures
Project Futures supports AFESIP Cambodia’s rehabilitation centres. There are two AFESIP centres, where girls rescued from trafficking can stay safely and comfortably, as well as learn vital new vocational skills.

My Room provides support to children suffering from cancer, as well as to their courageous families – as they navigate the emotional and physical impacts of childhood cancer.

For the past 16 years, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) has supported and empowered over 3,000 refugees and people seeking asylum every year, helping provide a warm bed, food, education, employment support.

In the future, Kusaga Athletic plans to fund and activate our own social impact projects around the world.


i=change announcement from Kusaga Athletic on Vimeo.


Graham Ross
Graham Ross


Graham Ross is CEO of Kusaga Athletic and growth advisor to planet friendly companies. Graham is a multiple Ironman-distance triathlete and marathoner with a passion for riding up the biggest mountains he can find.

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